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The International Cycling History Conference

About the International Conference of Cycling History (ICHC)
(also known as International Cycling History Conference, ICHC)

This series of International Cycling History Conferences was started in Glasgow in 1990, when Nick Clayton decided to use the occasion of the presumed Macmillan anniversary to draw attention to a less jingoistic and more scientific approach to cycling history than could otherwise be expected at a celebration commemorating this rather speculative event. (Nothing wrong with his birthday, but whether Macmillan invented a bicycle is no longer taken for granted.)

From these very modest beginnings evolved a truly international series of annual conferences, attended by cycling historians from around the world and organized in different countries.

We have published the Proceedings of these conferences since 1993. Most of them are available from our website at a cost of US $50 plus postage.

Here is some information on the most recent and upcoming conferences.

The 2001 Conference (No. 12) was held 26-28 September 2001 in San Remo, Italy (well, actually it was in Pigna, about 40 km along treacherously curving roads inland from San Remo, but yes, we did spend a lot of time in San Remo itself as well).

The 2002 Conference (No. 13) was held 11-13 September 2002 in Muenster, Germany, and was organized by Ruediger Rabenstein of Muenster University. The proceedings finally were published and are now available from this web site.

The 2003 conference (No. 14) was held 25-28 February 2003 in Canberra, Australia in conjunction with a veteran cycle rally. The Australians are publishing the proceedings to this conference, and unfortunately we have not been able to obtain copies from the organizer to supply to US and other non-Australian customers. We have a few copies of the Proceedings available for sale on this web site.

The 2004 conference (No. 15) was held in Vienna, Austria, 1 through 4 September 2004. It is being organized by Zitta Breu, curator at the Technology Museum, and long-time Conference participant Walter Ulreich. The proceedings of this conference are available.

The 2005 conference (No. 16) was held in Davis, California in September 2005 and was organized by David Takemoto-Weerts, who is bicycle coordinator at the University of California, Davis. Proceedings for this conference are now available from our website.

The 2006 conference (No. 17) was held in Toronto, Canada, July 2006 and was organized by Glen Norcliffe. Proceedings are available now.

The 2007 conference (No. 18) was held in Tampere, Finland, 1 to 4 August 2007 and was organized by Mikko Killiainen. Proceedings are available now.

The 2008 conference (No. 19) was held in St. Etienne, France 1 to 4 August 2007 and was organized by Nadine Besse. The proceedings for this conference will be published by the organizers.

The 2009 conference (No. 20) will be held in Freehold, New Jersey, USA and is being organized by Gary Sanderson.

Important notes to future organizers and participants:

Please click on this link organizerinfo.htm to read Frank Berto's comments in conclusion of the 11th Conference. They will help future organizers and participants learn from the experiences of previous organizers.

Meanwhile, several of the members have voiced the opinion that conference organizers must have attended at least one conference as a delegate before attempting to organize one.

For guidelines for the submission of papers for inclusion in the Proceedings, please click here

If you have any comments about any of the issues raised here, please send us an E-mail using the "contact us" feature.

Chronology of Conferences and Proceedings
Number Year Venue Proceedings
1 1990 Glasgow, Scotland click here
2 1991 St. Etienne, France click here
3 1992 Neckarsulm, Germany click here
4 1993 Boston, USA click here
5 1994 Cambridge, England click here
6 1995 Stellenbosch, South Africa click here
7 1996 Buffalo, USA click here
8 1997 Glasgow, Scotland click here
9 1998 Ottawa, Canada click here
10 1999 Nijmegen, Netherlands click here
11 2000 Osaka, Japan click here
12 2001 San Remo, Italy click here
13 2002 Muenster, Germany click here
14 2003 Canberra, Australia click here
15 2004 Vienna, Austria click here
16 2005 Davis, USA click here
17 2006 Toronto, Canada click here
18 2007 Tampere, Finland click here
19 2008 St. Etienne, France  
20 2009 Freehold, USA