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Cycling the Rhine Route

Bicycle Touring through Holland, Germany, France, and Switzerland
by John Powell

Note: This book is no longer available from us. The author offers a self-published Kindle edition, available from Amazon UK

Format: 5½ x 8½ inch trade paperback
Description: 288 pages with 80 maps and 40 black & white photographs
ISBN: 1-892495-23-6
Price: US$18.95
Out of Print
  • A spectacular tour from the sea to the mountains
  • Travel along many minor roads and paths away from traffic
  • Experience the cultural and historic diversity of much of Western Europe
  • Visit ports, castles, museums, ancient cities, and nature parks
  • Introductory chapters dealing with all relevant general information

This book is no longer available from us.

About the book

For over 1,200 years, the Rhine river has been Europe’s main corridor of trade, linking markets and cultures from the sea border in Holland with the inland regions all the way to Switzerland. Today’s bicycle tourist can experience the great diversity of geography, architecture, trade, and culture that is still apparent along this spectacularly scenic waterway.

Best of all, it’s not an exhausting ride: Despite the sometimes formidable mountains that overlook the river, author John Powell has mapped out a route that keeps mainly level. The trip can be traversed all the way, requiring about three weeks of cycling, with all levels of accommodation readily available, or cut up into sections, with convenient points of access identified.

About the author

John Powell was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and has lived in England much of his adult life. For most of those years, he’s been essentially a professional traveler, holding jobs like youth hostel warden and tour guide, living and working in 40 different countries, mainly in Africa and Europe. He currently lives in Kent, England.

From the contents

By the time the Rhine reaches Holland, the original course of the river is but a gently meandering stream, while most of the water reaches the North Sea further South via Rotterdam and Zealand province.


Not all the paths are perfectly paved, but not to worry: this idyllic cobblestone track is an exception.