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Cycling Across North America

A Leisurely Tour from Coast to Coast
Lue and Shannon Christian

Format: 5½ x 8½ inch trade paperback
Description: 272 pages with 100 maps and 40 black & white photographs
ISBN: 1-892495-24-4
Price: US$18.95

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  • A spectacular tour from coast to coast.
  • Travel along many minor roads and paths away from traffic
  • Experience the cultural and historic diversity of America.
  • Along the route, there are excursions to historical sites and nature parks.
  • Introductory chapters dealing with all relevant general information.

The ideal bike route from coast to coastówithout unnecessary suffering.

About the book

Crossing the American continent from coast to coast is perhaps every touring cyclist's dream. Here is the book that shows you how to go about it. Taking a route from California to Quebec City (with optional extension south to Boston), it provides a magnificent ride and the experience of a lifetime.

Best of all, itís not an exhausting ride: Despite the sometimes formidable mountains that overlook the river, the authors have mapped out a route that keep circumvents most of the toughest climbs and other difficult sections. The trip can be traversed all the way, requiring up to two months of cycling or cut up into sections.

About the authors

Lue and Shannon Christian both retired from professional careers, before taking up active bicycle touring. When they bought a tandem, they soon started planning to use it for their "Trans-Am" tour. After spending two years doing meticulous planning, they had decided on the best route to follow. Of courses, during the tour they sometimes had to modify those plans, and the combined advice from the plans and their "field-testing" is summarized in this book.

From the contents

The authors at the start of another day's ride