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Manufactured Homes

Our second main niche market, our books on manufactured housing were the first modern books available on this much-neglected subject. Yes, manufactured housing should be taken seriously: nearly 25 percent of the homes sold in North America these days are manufactured homes, and they offer the greatest economy and quality in moderately priced homes.

Each book takes on the subject in slightly different manner: Burnside’s book Buying a Manufactured Home is very much written from the consumer’s viewpoint, with particular emphasis on the financing aspect of manufactured home buying. Taylor’s Manufactured Homes: The Buyer’s Guide, on the other hand, gives a little more insight into the manufacturer’s position. In addition, this book has more extensive advice on floor plans and options. If you’re seriously considering buying a manufactured home, you can’t go wrong buying both these modestly priced books first.

Our latest title on the subject is Tony Evans’s Manufactured Home Financing. This little gem discloses a little-known method for obtaining financing with no money down and the absolutely best payment terms. Seems too good to be true? Wait till youíve read the book, itís now available

Manufactured Homes Books

Buying a Manufactured Home
How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in Today’s Housing Market
Kevin Burnside & Robert Bentley
Manufactured Homes: The Buyer’s Guide
How to Realize Your Dream in a Manufactured Home
Steven Taylor
Manufactured Home Financing
How to Secure No-Down, Low-Interest Financing for Your Manufactured Home
Tony Evans



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