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Other Sports

We publish a limited number of books on sports other than cycling. To date, there are books on Golf and Baseball, and Strength Training. Although we don’t plan on taking on many new sports books soon, you may want to watch this space for new titles in the future.

Other Sports Books

Baseball’s Hitting Secrets
How to Hit a Round Ball with a Round Bat — Squarely
Ted Burda
Performance Golf
Developing and Perfecting Your Golf Game
Gerald A. Walford & Gerald E. Walford
Play Golf in the Zone
The Psychology of Golf Made Easy
Garry Martin & Derek Ingram
New Workout: Human Resistance Training
Dynamic Strength Training Without Equipment
John Laurie & Bum Lee

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 New Workout: Human Resistance Training (Dynamic strength training without equipment)

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A great little book for baseball players of all levels. Learn how to really hit that ball where it counts.

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