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On this page, we have listed some of the websites in which you may also be interested. Just click on any of the names below to go straight to the relevant website.

1. Author contacts

Frank Berto (The Dancing Chain, Birth of Dirt)

James Startt (Tour de France, Armstrong's 6th, In Pursuit of the Yellow Jersey, Armstrong's Comeback from Cancer)

2. Related Cycling Websites


Rivendell Bicycle Works

Bicycle Quarterly

International Cycling History Conference

Veteran-Cycling Club (UK-based historical cycle club)

The Wheelmen (US-based historical cycle club)

Out Your Backdoor Publishing (publisher and distributor of unusual bicycle books) (The history of six-day bicycle racing in America, the subject of hte book by Peter Nye) (Australia-based international source for cycle racing and technical news) (Britain-based international source for cycle racing news) (US-based source for technical bicycle information (National Capital Velo Club, Washington DC)

Cycling around the World  (Netherlands-based cycle touring website)

Share the Damn Road (Custom cycling jerseys)

High on Adventure

Cycling and Fitness

3. Other Related Websites

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