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The Bicycle Illustrations of Daniel Rebour

Rob van der Plas & Frank Berto

Format: 8Ĺ x 11 inch jacketed hardcover
Description: 288 pages with 2,000 illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-892495-71-6
Price: US$49.95

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A fascinating compendium of bicycle illustrations by the French master illustrator Daniel Rebour.

About the book

From 1945 until the early 1980s, Daniel Rebour made thousands of meticulous drawings of any and all interesting developments in the realm of bicycles. As both illustrator and technical editor of the trade magazine Le Cycle, he had the ability to show and explain all new developments, from exploded views of derailleurs and cranksets to complete bicycles and tandems. After Le Cycle was discontinued in 1973, his work mainly appeared in manufacturers' catalogues. Produced with permission from Rebour's sole surviving heir, this book contains some 2,000 of his illustrations from both categories.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1. Historic Bicycle Drawings
Chapter 2. Frame Details
Chapter 3. Derailleur Gearing
Chapter 4. Drivetrain Components
Chapter 5. Pedals and Toeclips
Chapter 6. Rim Brakes
Chapter 7. Regular Wheel Hubs
Chapter 8. Gear and Brake Hubs
Chapter 9. Rims, Tires, and Spokes
Chapter 10. Steering Components
Chapter 11. Seat and Seatpost
Chapter 12. Component Gruppos
Chapter 13. Luggage Carrying Equipment
Chapter 14. Lighting Equipment
Chapter 15. Other Accessories
Chapter 16. Product Overviews
Chapter 17. Tandem Bicycles
Chapter 18. Folding and Parting Bikes
Chapter 19. Childrenís Bikes
Chapter 20. Suspension Systems
Chapter 21. Trailers and Sidecars
Chapter 22. Alternate Drives
Chapter 23. Bicycle Derivatives
Chapter 24. Motorized Bicycles
Chapter 25. Tools and Equipment
Chapter 26. Bicycle Clothing
Chapter 27. Original Scans
Chapter 28. Captions to Selected Illustrations

Appendix 1. Pierre-Georges Hugaud
Appendix 2. Rodolphe Rebour
Appendix 3. George Retseck



From the contents


Eddy Merckx' 1972 Tour de France bicycle.


Exploded view of Simplex Prestige rear derailleur and shifters.


Raleigh Chopper bike.

About the author and contributor

Author Rob van der Plas is a mechanical consulting engineer with a passion for all things cycling. One-time technical editor of English and Dutch cycling periodicals, he is also the author of numerous bicycle books, including The Penguin Bicycle Handbook, The Mountain Bike Book, Bicycle Repair, and Bicycle Technology. He lives in San Francisco.

Contributor Frank Berto is a retired mechanical engineer and former engineering editor of Bicycling Magazine. His earlier books include Bicycling Magazine's Complete Guide to Upgrading Your Bicycle, The Birth of Dirt: The Origins of Mountain Biking, and his opus magnum The Dancing Chain: History and Development of the Derailleur Bicycle. He lives in Marin County, California.