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Cycle History 3

Proceedings, 3rd International Cycling History Conference
Edited by Rob van der Plas

Format: 8½ x 11 in. softcover (photocopied and bound)
Description: 160 pages with 50 black & white illustrations
Price: US$50
Another volume in our series of Proceedings of the International Cycling History Conferences. Included are all the papers presented at the 6th Conference, held in Neckarsulm, Germany, 1992.
Please note that this is a paper-bound photocopied volume.


Ordering Note:

This volume was originally published by the organizers of the conference and does not have an assigned ISBN. Copies can be ordered directly from us by sending a check for US$50.00 to us, specifying the book ordered. For non US-orders, please send an international money order (available at the Post Office or bank) in the amount of US$65, which includes postage.

Table of Contents

Author Title of Paper Page
Les Bowerman Lewis Gompertz & His Addition to the Velocipede 23
Nick Clayton Hans Renold and the Birth of the Cycle Chain 23
Alastair Dodds Kirkpatrick Macmillan Inventor of the Bicycle: Fact or Heresay? 35
Jan Hult The gSveah (1892) and the gIterah (1982): Two unsuccessful Swedish bicycle projects 53
Hans-Erhard Lessing The Bicycle and Science — From Drais Until Today
La bicyclette et la science — de Drais à aujourdfhui
Walter Ulreich Anton Burg et fils, constructeurs de Draisiennes à Vienne 91
Jan Hult La gSveah (1892) et gL'Iterah(1982) bicyclettes experimentales sans succes 96
Wilhelm Matthies Union Frönenberg 98
Nicholas Clayton Hans Renold et la naissance de la chaine de bicyclette 100
Paul Simsa La bicyclette et le moteur 102
Andrew Millward L'Industrie du cycle á Birmingham de 1890 á 1930 103
Waltraud Wende La liberté par la bicyclette 104
Roland Sauvaget Notes sur Vernon Blake 105
Rüdiger Rabenstein D'Exporateur a coureur cycliste 107
Wilhelm Matthies Founded in the Crisis: UNION-Fröndenberg — Commentary on the history of a company in the German bicycle-parts industry 109
Andrew Millward The Cycle Trade in Birmingham 1890-1920 129
Nicholas Oddy gAs Good As Newh: Attitudes to the Authentic in Cycle Restoration and Conservation 155
Rüdiger Rabenstein From Explorer to Racing Cyclist: Socio-historical developments in the early chapter of cycle racing 169
Roland Sauvaget Notes on Vernon Blake (1875-1930) 185
Paul Simsa Hot Rod: The Bicycle and the Engine 197
Walter Ulreich Anton Burg and Son — the Viennese hobbyhorse manufacturer 205
Waltraud Wende To Freedom by Bike 225
Keizo Kobayashi The Velocipede in France, from Karl von Drais to Pierre Michaux, 1818-1861 237
Raymond Henry One of Velocio's Bicycles: A Crypto bicycle with a Whippet derailleur 251

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