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Cycle History 4

Proceedings, 4th International Cycling History Conference
Edited by Rob van der Plas

Format: 8½ x 11 in. Hardcover
Description: 160 pages, 50 black & white illustrations
ISBN: ISBN 0-933201-66-4 (published by Bicycle Books)
Price: US$50
The first volume to be published by us in the series of Proceedings of the International Cycling History Conferences.
The original hardcover version of this title is no longer available. It is now offered as a photocpied, softcover bound facsimile edition.

About the book:

This volume contains all the papers presented at the 4th International Cycling History Conference, held in Boston, USA, October 1993.

The conference was organized by David Herlihy of the Lallement Memorial Committee.

Table of Contents
Author Title of Paper Page No.
David Herlihy Who Invented the BicycleLallement in 1863 or Michaux in 1861? 11
Roger Street The Quest for the Medieval Hobby-Horse Velocipede 27
Hans-Erhard Lessing The Reception of the Front-Wheel-Driven Velocipede in Germany 35
Karl Hodges Did the Emergence of the Automobile End the Bicycle Boom? 39
Charles Meinert Bicycles in Flight 43
David Gordon Wilson (with Saleh Tarik) The Influence of Materials-Developments on the Design and Construction of Early Cycles 49
Hillary Stone The Development of Unorthodox Frames —  Why These Funny Frames? 57
Nicholas Oddy Non-Technological Factors in Early Cycle Design 63
Nicholas Clayton Hans Renold Chain Production 1882-1910 69
Raimond Henry Albert Raimond and the Cyclo Company 71
Nadine Besse Des Armes au cycle, en Region Stephanoise--recherches sur une filiation (English translation available upon request; please contact 79
Henry Bosc René Herse — Renowned French Framebuilder 85
Les Bowerman John Kenny — The Life of a Cycling Pioneer 89
Glynn Stockdale The Diaries of Egbert Tegetmeier 99
Kathryn Carse Bicycling for Ladies 107
Rüdiger Rabenstein The Vienna-Berlin Race of 1893 and Its Influence on the Cycling Movement in Germany and Austria 113
Henry Bosc The Vélo-Club Bérnais 121
Ross Petty The Bicycle's Role in the Development of Safety Law 125

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