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Cycle History 5

Proceedings, 5th International Cycling History Conference
Edited by Rob van der Plas

Format: 8½ x 11 in. *
Description: 160 pages with 50 black & white illustrations
Price: US$50
The second volume in to be originally published by us in the series of Proceedings of the International Cycling History Conferences. Included are all the papers presented at the 5th Conference, held in Cambridge, England.
The original hardcover version of this title is no longer available. It is now offered as a photocpied, softcover bound facsimile edition.

* Please note: Original printing no longer available. This volume now only available as photocopied, softcover-bound facsimile.

Table of Contents
Author Title of Paper Page No.
Russell Mills Thinking About Thinking About Cycles 11
David L. Patton Aspects of a Historical Geography of Technology: A Study of Cycling 1919-1939 21
Andrew Ritchie Developing a Methodological Approach to the History and Meaning of Velocipede Bicycles, and Tricycles 29
Nicholas Oddy The Bicycle--An Exercise in Gendered Design 37
Alastair Dodds and Alex Brown The Edinburgh Tricycles 45
Paul Rosen Diamonds Are Forever: The Socio-Technical Shaping of Bicycle Design 51
Mike Burrows New Tubes for Old 59
Walter Ulreich The Bamboo Bicycles of Grundner & Lemisch 61
Ron Shepherd The Dancing Chain: One Hundred Years of Derailleur Gears 71
Raymond Henry Touring Bicycle Technical Trials in France, 1901-1950 79
Ken James Tribology and the Cyclist 87
H. D. Higman Founding of the Dunlop Tyre Company 91
Albert A. Pope Colonel Pope and the Founding of the U.S. Bicycle Industry 95
Andrew Millward The Founding of the Hercules Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd. 99
Ross D. Petty Peddling the Bicycle and the Development of Mass Marketing 107
Nadine Besse and André Vant A New View of Late 19th-Century Cycle Publicity Poster 117
Volker Briese From Cycling Lanes to Compulsory Bike Path: Bicycle Path Construction in Germany, 1897-1940 123
Hans-Erhard Lessing Cycling or Roller Skating: The Resistible Rise of Personal Mobility 129
Les Bowerman Clubs-Their Part in the Study of Cycle and Cycling History 133
Roger Alma Malvern Cycling Club, 1883-1012: Social Class, Motivation, and Leisure Use 139
Nick Clayton Little and Often--The Records of the Amateur Bicycle Club 149
Rüdiger Rabenstein T. H. S. Walker--English Cycling Pioneer in Germany 155
David V. Herlihy The Michaux Memorial Campaign 161
John McVey The Hoopdriver Recycle 171


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