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Cycle History 12

Proceedings, 12th International Cycling History Conference
Edited by Andrew Ritchie and Rob van der Plas

Format: 8½ x 11 in. hardcover
Description: 176 pages with 100 black & white illustrations
ISBN: 1-892495-07-4
Price: US$50
Another volume in our series of Proceedings of the International Cycling History Conferences. Included are all the papers presented at the 12th Conference, held in San Remo, Italy, 2001.

Proceedings of the 2001 Conference, held in San Remo, Italy.

About the Editors:

Andrew Ritchie is the author of the first historically correct social history of the bicycle in modern times, King of the Road, published in 1975 (this book is currently being revised for publication of an updated edition by Johns Hopkins University Press). He is also the author of Major Taylor, the biography of the first African-American sportsman to reach international fame. He lives in the Berkeley, California.

Rob van der Plas is one of the most prolific international authors on the subject of cycling and bicycle development. His books include Bicycle Technology, The Mountain Bike Book, The Bicycle Commuting Book, as well as numerous repair manuals published in the US, England, Holland, and Germany, and also available as translations in other languages. Since 1993, he has been actively involved with the International Cycling History Conference and has been responsible for editing and publication of the proceedings of the conferences.


Table of Contents

In Memoriam John Pinkerton
Welcome Address by Luigi Riccardi
Editors’ Preface
1. Roger Street: Curiouser and Curiouser
2 Jacques Graber: The Lefèbvre Bicycle
3. Andrew Ritchie: The Velocipede of Alexandre Lefèbvre and Problems of Historical Interpretation
4. Jacques Graber: And Once Again Lefèbvre
5. Nick Clayton: William Golding and the Claviger Cycle Co. Ltd.
6. Duncan Jamieson: Bicycle Touring in the Late 19th Century
7. Patrick Chen: The Bicycle in War: Vietnam 1945–1975
8. Scotford Lawrence: The Mystery of Gustave Caillebotte’s Bicycle
9. Guiseppe Genazzini: Considerations and Suggestions Concerning a Bicycle Museum
10. John Pinkerton, with Alberto E. Minetti and Paola Zamparo: From Bipedalism to Bicyclism: Comparing the efficiency of historic bicycle types
11. Frank J. Berto: Hub Gear vs. Derailleur Gear Efficiency
12. Stephanie Rothemund: Recycling of Saddles
13. Theo Stevens: The Elitist Character of Early Dutch Cycling
14. Theo Stevens: Jaap Eden (1876–1925): The Tragic Life of a Sportsman
15. Chester Kyle: A Brief History of the International Human-Powered Vehicle Association
16. Nicholas Oddy: An Insight into Cycle Purchases During the Post-Boom Period, 1897–1899
17. Raymond Henry: Nicola Barra, French Frame Builder
18. Alastair Dodds: David Rattray’s Flying Scott
19. Marco Doniselli: The History of Doniselli Velo Moto


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