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Cycle History 14

Proceedings, 14th International Cycling History Conference

Edited by Ron Shepherd (2004)

Format: 8 x 11 in. hardcover
Description: 208 pages with 120 black & white illustrations
Price: US$50.00
Proceedings of the 14th International Cycling History Conference held in Canberra, Australia, held February 2003.

This book was published by the conference organizers, the Canberra Bicycle Museum, and is available only directly from them.


Proceedings of the 14th International History Conference, held in Canberra, Australia

Ordering Note

This book, oritinally published by the conference organizers in Australia, is only available directly from us in a facsimile edition. It can be ordered by sending us a request with a check or money order for US$50 for US orders, or $65 for non-US orders. addressed to Cycle Publishing LLC, 1282 7th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA.

Table of Contents

1. John Bazzano: Official Welcome

2. Paul Farren: The Legacy of George Singer, An Australian Perspective

3. Rod Charles: Cycling in Geelong, 18691930

4. Rolf Lunsmann: Malvern Star in Post-war Australia, 19451958

5. Ron Shepherd: Race Around Australia

6. Clare Simpson: Early Cycle Touring in New Zealand

7. Rob Hess: Edmonton's First Bicycle Club, the early development of cycling in Western Canada, 19801894

8. Elsie Huntington: The Diaries of the ABC and Leeds Ramblers Bicycle Club 18811883

9. Bob Tait: Joe Tait's Bol d'Or Cycles

10. Geraldine McFarlane: Touring Giant from Down Under, a closer look at George Burston

11. Stephanie Maxwel: Gerry Gould, Australia's best amateur road cyclist?

12. Sally Dillon: Bicycle Belles, ladies' cycling fashion in the mid-1890s

13. William Hudson: Milestones and Myths in Bicycle Evolution

14. Graham Bradshaw: The Bicycle Retailer in Australia, postwar to present

15. Peter Hines & David Walker: A Short History of Carbon Fiber in the Bicycle Industry

16. Michael Kater: The Moulton Bicycle in Australia

17. Jack Hepher: Identifying and Dating Australian-Manufactured Bicycles of the Pre-1950 Era

18. Louise Paler: "For Economy, Pleasure, Health," images of early Australian cycling



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