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Cycle History 15

Proceedings, 15th International Cycling History Conference
Edited by Andrew Ritchie and Nicholas Clayton

Format: 8˝ x 11 in. hardcover
Description: 160 pages with 160 pages with 100 black & white illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-892495-51-8
Price: US$50
The latest volume in our series of Proceedings of the International Cycling History Conferences. Included are all the papers presented at the 15th Conference, held in Vienna, Austria, September 2004.

Proceedings of the 15th International History Conference, held in Vienna, Austria.

Table of Contents
  1. Paul Shrivastava: Toward a Socio-Technological History of Bicycles
  2. Volker Briese: Children’s Corner—Research in the History of Children’s Scooters
  3. Nick Clayton: Willard Sawyer—a Reassessment
  4. Glen Norcliffe: The Rise of the Coventry Bicycle Industry and the Geographical Construction of Technology
  5. Jan Králik: Barták’s High-Wheel Bicycle
  6. Mikko Kylliänen: Lars Krogius Jr.—The Founder of the Finnish Bicycle Industry
  7. Renate Franz: Fredy Budzinski—Journalist, Author, and Collector
  8. John Green: Mr. Howes’ Shop
  9. Nicholas Oddy: Cycling’s Dark Age?
  10. Paul Rubenson: Patents, Profits, & Perceptions—The Single-Tube Tire and the Failure of the American Bicycle, 1897–1933
  11. Patrick Chen: CCM, 1899–1982
  12. Bruce Epperson: The Monopoly Machine—The Lallement Patent and the Attempted Monopolization of the American Bicycle Industry, 1880–1886
  13. Raymond Henry: Vélocio—A Leisure Cyclist, and the Pioneer of Multi-Speed Gearing
  14. Roger Street: King Chrononhotonthologos and All That—The Hobby-Horse in Ireland
  15. Duncan R. Jamieson: Cycling Between the Booms
  16. Walter Ulreich: Alessandro Battista Scuri—The Monocyclist and His “Velocipede for the Future”


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