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The Little Black Bottle

Choppy Warburton, the Question of Doping, and the Deaths of His Bicycle Racers

Gerry Moore
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Format: 5½ x 8½ paperback
Description: 160 pages
ISBN: 1-892495-67-8
Price: US$18.95

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A close look at a famous 19th Century manager-trainer and his methods.

Doping questions 120 years ago.

About the book

As today's bicycle racing is in the news, and the shadow of doping hangs over some of its presumed heroes, this book takes a look at the same issue as it surfaced more than a century ago. Trainer Choppy Warburton had a little black bottle that was believed to have the powers of restoring or breaking the riders under his charge. In this book Gerry Moore reveals what is really know about the man, his little black bottle, and his riders.

About the author

Gerry Moore was born in London and has spent his days since retirement in rural Norfolk, where his interest in cycling was rekindled. He spent much of his time researching bicycle history and collecting old bicycles.

Table of Contents

1. Introducing Choppy
2. Choppy the Coach
3. About That Little Black Bottle
4. “Champion Cyclist of the World”
5. The Other Lintons
6. The Fearless “Boy Wonder”
7. Choppy’s Other Riders
8. Other Trainers and Their Charges 
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From the contents

Choppy Warburton with his most famous charges, from left to right Arthur Linton, Jimmy Michael, and Tom Linton.

Choppy with Jimmy Michael.

Choppy with Lisette, one of the most successful professional women's racers of the 19th Century.