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Mountain Bike Maintenance

How to Maintain and Repair Your Mountain Bike
Rob van der Plas

Format: 6 x 9 inch trade paperback
Description: 176 pages with 300 full-color photographs and other illustrations
ISBN: 1-892495-53-8
Price: US$16.95
Complete and up-to-date, clear texts, illustrated in full color. This is a great mountain bike maintenance manual  

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  • Up-to-date for the latest equipment
  • Covers all types of mountain and their components
  • Selecting the right tools and equipment
  • Optimize the performance of gears, brakes, and suspension components
  • Preventive maintenance and adjustments

About the book

To get the most out of your mountain bike, it had better be in good shape, and thatís what this book will help you achieve. From basic cleaning and preventive maintenance to trailside repairs and sophisticated equipment overhauls, itís all covered in a clear and accessible format.

The author has taken great pains to make sure every latest piece of mountain biking equipment is covered and that every instruction speaks for itself. You need this book if you value your mountain bike.

About the author

Rob van der Plas is the author of the first mountain bike book ever published (back in 1984), and numerous other bike books. This is his latest book on the subject of mountain bike maintenance.

Table of Contents
11. Chain Maintenance
1. Know Your Mountain Bike
12. Pedal Maintenance
2. Preventive Maintenance 13. Steering System Maintenance
3. Wheel Removal and Installation 14. Seat and Seatpost
4. Tire Maintenance
15. Frame Maintenance
5. Rim and Spoke Maintenance 16. Front Suspension Maintenance
6. Hub Maintenance
17. Rear Suspension Maintenance
7. Rim Brake Maintenance
18. Accessory Maintenance
8. Disk Brake Maintenance
9 Derailleur Gearing Maintenance   Bibliography
10 Crankset Maintenance

From the contents

Parts of the mountain bike

Suspension fork adjustment