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Tour de France

The 2005 Tour de France in Photographs
text and photos by James Startt

Available 15 March 2006

Format: 9˝ x 7˝ in. hardcover
Description: 120 pages with 150 full-color photos
ISBN: 1-892495-50-3
Price: US$29.95

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A fascinating photographic account of the historic 2005 Tour de France–the 7th consecutive one won by Lance Armstrong.

This book is scheduled for a March publication date. Any orders received before then will be shipped as soon as the book is in stock.

A fascinating pictorial account of the historic 2005 Tour de France

About the book

Not satisfied with merely making history by winning the Tour de France a record 6 times, Lance Armstrong managed pull another punch, winning the Tour de France a staggering seven times in all. This beautifully illustrated book provides a vivid account of all the drama and excitement of the 2004 Tour. It follows Armstrong and his rivals as they fight their battles in the mountains and the time trials, culminating in Armstrong's spectacular victory in Paris. Includes stage reports, interviews, and plenty of background information. But above all, it's a pictorial account of the Tour, packed with James Startt's intriguing photos of the race, the racers, and the spectators.  Also included are some fine images by Startt's photographer colleague Casey Gibson.

About the author/photographer:

James Startt is a sports photographer and writer based in Paris. He has been following European bicycle racing for many years and regularly reports on the sport for the U.S. cycling publications. His photos have been prominently exhibited at major photo galleries in Paris and was included in the Oakland (California) Museum’s 2000 Bicycle Art Exhibit. His earlier books include Tour de France, Tour de Force, a photographic history of the Tour de France, and Armstrong's Sixth.

Table of Contents

Pre-Tour: A Retiring Man 7

Prologue: The Calm Before the Storm

Stage 1: The Mild-Mannered Monster

Stage 2: Anything Is Possible

Stage 3: The New Sprint Boss

Stage 4: Zabriskie’s Dreams Come To an End

Stage 5: Give Me That Jersey, Give Me That Win

Stage 6: Never Too Late To Start the Tour

Stage 7: The Tour Becomes a Tourist

Stage 8: And Real Mountains Haven’t Even Started

Stage 9: Perfect, Just Perfect

Stage 10: Sometimes, Even Winners Cry

Stage 11: The Next Indurain?

Stage 12: Finally a Frenchman Wins

Stage 13: The Great Unknown

Stage 14: Armstrong Sets the Record Straight

Stage 15: Faithful Teammate’s Day Of Glory

Stage 16: Pereiro Saves Face For the Spanish

Stage 17: No Picnic For Savoldelli

Stage 18: Sophomore Slump

Stage 19: Same Old Song For Ullrich

Stage 20: Going Out In Style

Stage 21: History is Not a Numbers Game



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