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New Workout:

Human Resistance Training
by John Laurie and Bum Lee

Format: 7½ x 9¼ inch trade paperback
Description: 176 pages with 120 photographs and other illustrations
ISBN: ISBN 1-978-892495-44-0
Price: US $18.95
  • A new approach to dynamic strength training
  • No machines, no equipment
  • Eliminate the risk of forced muscles
  • Safe and convenient
  • Suitable for in a gym or at home
  • Awaken the human element in strength training

The first book on the subject. Time to get unhooked from the machines.

About the book

Whether you are a casual exerciser, serious about gaining strength and stamina, or a personal trainer, you’ll learn much from this new approach to strength training. Human Resistance Training (HRT) depends entirely on the force of the human muscles to provide the balancing force in strength training. No machines, no equipment required.

The book contains detailed instructions for all the important body parts and muscle groups, all illustrated with clear photographs of the starting and finishing positions for each exercise, both for the person who’s doing the exercise and the helper or trainer, who provides the balancing force.

About the author

John Laurie is the co-founder and former CEO of Infinite Fitness, Inc., a company solely based on human resistance training. He has developed training programs for high school and college level athletics programs. He lives in New Orleans, LA, where he is pursuing a PhD.

Bum Lee is the co-owner of the BC Power Factory, specializing in custom leather athletic accessories. A co-founder of the Human Resistance Trainers Association (HRTA), he recently is national champion and holder of three national records in powerlifting record for his weight class. He has also served as athletic trainer for the University of New Orleans sports program.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction: What is Human Resistance Training? 9

Human Resistance Training Explained 9
Who Can Benefit from HRT? 11
The Benefits of HRT 13 Equipment 15
Terminology 16

2. The Dynamics of Human Resistance Training 17

Responsibilities of the Trainer 17
Responsibilities of the Participant 18
Communication 20
Hand Positioning and Grip 23

3. Foundations of Exercise 27

Strength Training Basics 27
Exercise Order 28 Muscle Soreness 29
General Points 30
Physics, Leverage, and Gravity 30
Fitness Terminology 31

4. Introduction to the Exercises 33

Exercise Page Setup 34

5. Exercises for the Legs 37

Power Squat 39
Assisted Squat 41
Double Leg Extension 43
Single Leg Extension 45
Wall Squat 47
Lunges 49
Hamstring Curl 51
Lying Leg Raise 53
Trainer/Participant Position 53
Seated Calf Raise 55

6. Exercises for the Chest 57

Bench Press 59
Incline Bench Press 61
Dumbbell Bench Press 63
Dumbbell Incline Press 65
Resisted Push-Up 67
Standing Push-Up 69

7. Exercises for the Back 71

One-Arm Lateral Adductor 73
One-Arm Lateral Pull 75
Seated Row 77
Bent-Over Row 79
Pull-Up 81
Superman 83

8. Exercises for the Shoulders 85

Military Press 87
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 89
Half Arnold Shoulder Press 91
Upright Row 93
Side-Lateral Raise 95
Front Raise 97 Rear Deltoid Rotation 99

9. Exercises for the Triceps 101

Overhead Triceps Extension 103
Skull Crushers 105
Lying Triceps Extension 107
Kick-Back 109
Close Grip Press 111 Close Grip Wall Press 113

10. Exercises for the Biceps 115

Biceps Curl 117
Lying Biceps Curl 119
Preacher Curl 121
One-Arm Isolation Curl 123
Reverse Curl 125
Concentration Curl 127

11. Exercises for the Glutes 129

Glute Raise 131
Butt Kick 133

12. Exercises for the Abdominals 135

Boxer Crunch 137
Oblique Crunch 139
Power Crunch 141
Resisted Crunch 143
Reverse Crunch 145
Pelvic Thrust 147

13. Exercises for the Wrists 149

Wrist Curl 151

14. The Use of Anaerobic-Aerobic Combinations in HRT 153

Equipment Use 154
Knee-Highs 156
Mountain Climbers 157
Jumping Jacks 158
Stair Step 159


Fitness Glossary 161
Human Resistance Trainers’ Association 164

Index 165


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