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Play Golf in the Zone

The Psychology of Golf Made Easy
by Garry Martin and Derek Ingram

Format: 6 x 9 inch trade paperback
Description: 128 pages text with 14 black & white illustrations
ISBN: ISBN 1-892495-35-X
Price: US $16.95
  • Applying mental imagery to golf
  • Self-talk: thinking in words
  • How to control nervousness and tension
  • Making the most of attitude and emotions
  • How to be as good on golf course as you are on the driving range
  • Establishing an effective pre-shot routine
  • Confidence and concentration as your keys to great golf
  • How to make sure you play "in the zone"

There's more to golf than hitting a small ball into a tiny hole: this book shows how to develop an edge by using your head.

About the book

Play Golf in the Zone presents an easily accessible way to the intricacies of the psychology of golf and makes the subject understandable—and usable—to golf players of all levels.

Played as a mental game, golf can be most rewarding. Of all the factors that affect your score, your own attitude is the one that can have the most dramatic effect—and provide the greatest satisfaction. This book explains in simple terms how to get the maximum benefit by "playing in the zone."

The book covers topics ranging from mental imagery to competition planning and from self-talk to establishing an effective pre-shot routine. Illustrated by California artist Tim Barker, the book is presented in a light-hearted fashion that makes its highly effective advice all the easier to absorb and apply.

About the author

Garry Martin, Ph.D. is a professor of behavioral psychology at the University of Manitoba, Canada. His earlier books about behavior modification have appeared with major publishers in the US and Canada.

Derek Ingram is an instructor and pro golfer who has played on the Canadian PGA tour for several years. He has been instrumental in field-testing the advice presented in this book for three years before publication.

Table of Contents
1. Golf — The Mental Game

A Mental Skills Test for Golfers

Evaluating Your Score

2. Mental Imagery: Thinking in Pictures

Use Imagery to Control Your Emotions

Use Imagery to Feel the Swing

3. Thinking in Words

Self-Talk for Planning Shots

Self-Talk To Control Emotions and/or Mood

Self-Talk For Focusing and Concentrating

Self-Talk For A Consistent Swing

Self-Talk for Enhancing Confidence

4. The Self-Talk of Champions: Learn it and Practice it

Positive Self-Talk That’s Right for You

Positive Self-Talk Must be Practiced

5. Self-Reinforcement: The Key to Fun and Success

Causes of Relapse in Self-Management Situations

Causes of Relapse in the Specification of the Response

Causes of Relapse in Consequences

6. Nervousness and Tension: Know How to Control Them

Minimize the Causes of Tension

Deep Center Breathing

Tense Your Muscles to Help Them Relax

Don’t Let the Bird Escape, But Don’t Crush It

Maintain a Sense of Humor

Take Your Mind Off the Game

7. Your Attitudes and Emotions: Make Them Work for You

Expecting Too Much

Fear of Looking Bad

Trying Too Hard

Being Overcritical of Yourself

Judging Your Value as a Person By Your Golf Score

Suffering From Indecision

Susceptibility to Psych-Outs

8. A Pre-Shot Routine: A Guaranteed Stroke Saver

Important Parts of a Pre-Shot Routine

Important Parts of a Pre-Putt Routine

Are Your Pre-Shot and Pre-Putt Routines Consistent?

9. Mental Practice At the Driving Range and the Putting Green

Practice While You Are Energized and Fresh

Devote a Part of Your Driving Range Practice to Courselike Situations

Devote a Part of your Putting Practice to Prepare you for Putting on the Course

On the Course, Play Like You Practice

10. Confidence and Concentration: The Keys to Great Golf

Playing With Confidence

Steps to Improve Confidence

Factors That Interfere With Concentration and How to Control Them 91

11. Finding Your “Zone”

Characteristics of Peak Performance

When You’re Out of the “Zone”

Finding Your “Zone”

12. How Good Do You Really Want to Be?

Mastery of the Golf Swing is a Developmental Process

Listen to Your Teaching Professional

The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance

Practice the Strokes that Count the Most

13. Competition Planning for Serious Competitors

Preparing a Game Day Plan

Preparing a Pre-Competition Plan

Preparing a Competition Focusing Plan

Preparing a Competition Refocusing Plan

Post-Competition Evaluations

14. Summary for Success

Your Mental Score Card


About the Authors


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